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Maneesha Pandey, MD, Forensic Pathologist

Licensed physician in Ohio and Michigan. Works as a Forensic Pathologist/Deputy coroner in Ohio

Dr. Maneesha Pandey, is a Forensic Pathologist. After completing her medical studies at Kottayam Medical School, Kerala, India, she did her four year Pathology residency in West Virginia and New Jersey. She came to Ohio to do her two years of Forensic Pathology fellowship in Dayton, Ohio and has been working ever since as a DeputyCoroner/ Forensic Pathologist in Ohio for the last 14 years in Dayton, Toledo, and Columbus Ohio.
She is active in the Indian community as a President for Toledo Physicians of Indian Origin, and member of Asian Indian Alliance.


She believes that you are a sum of all your enriching experiences.

She is also a member of National Association of Medical examiners, a national agency for medical examiners, coroners and medico legal death investigation.

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